Gone Servin'

Servin'. The Family.

Will we still serve from the heart this Gone Servin'? Of course. It looks different, but service is still a part of who we are at Covenant and we don't want that to stop during these difficult times.

You can still serve those around you by kind acts or thoughtful gestures. Take a moment to hear Coach Pfeifer explain how our community will serve on Monday, April 27, and make your plans for the day.

Servin'. Our Community.

Indianapolis is a community with some pretty amazing ministries and organizations who are making a difference. Gone Servin’ is a chance for our students to be in a sense of community while they serve alongside them. It’s an important part of building a sense of love for our neighbors.

Even though we won't be able to serve at their location this year, we can still make an impact on each of these sites. Visit our Sites page to find out more.

“Gone Servin’ gives us the opportunity to show Christ’s love and fulfill what He commanded.” -Emilee (2016)

“Serving others is a vital element in the life of a Christian and Gone Servin’ provides both the ability and means to give as Christ has given to us.” -Jayce (2016)

“It’s important for us to understand that we can have an affect on problems in our community such as unemployment, people who aren’t getting enough food. It’s important to understand that at our age, we can help those people even now - that it starts now.” -Samantha (2012)

“It just helps remind us that it’s not about us or our schedule or a class that we have or the homework we have to turn in, but it’s about who we’re serving and what they want us to do.” -Emma (2012)

“Covenant has been instrumental at some pivotal times out at the Rapha property.” -Barb (Rapha Restoration Ministries)